The Ultimate 'Solo' Bridge App

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Hints & tips during play

Clear Card Display


The Ultimate 'Solo' Bridge App

Play Rubber, Chicago or Teams* mode Bridge, and compete in our ‘solo’ Duplicate competitions

With BridgeAce, you are always playing on your own, (always seated as South) with the powerful Breva AI Bridge engine playing as your partner North, as well as your opponents East/West. No other human is ever involved; you are playing at your own time and pace, and you’re not accountable to anyone if you make a mistake, nor are you susceptible to others’ mistakes, criticism, or frustrating delays.

The app is crammed with help & hint features, including our unique ‘memory Joggers’, all aimed to help you learn and improve your game. The app supports 22 bidding systems, so there’s sure to be one to suit you


Teams is the perfect mode of Bridge to play when you are learning, or simply practicing. Each hand played by you, is then quickly replayed by the computer, giving you a ‘par’ comparison with the AI. In effect you are ‘competing’ against the computer. Teams uses traditional IMPs scoring.

Teams Plus

Our unique interpretation of Teams, Teams Plus melds the scoring between IMPs and MP. This gives weight to both the magnitude of the swing, as well as the won/drawn/lost element, giving a truer picture of your performance in any one competition.



Still playing on your own, with the AI as your partner and opponents, here you will be competing against seven other players who will have had exactly the same set of hands, which they have played on their devices. As the AI is the same for all, the only differential are the South human players, and you can see how you compare with other players from around the globe.

Playing Duplicate keeps you on your toes, and you’ll be surprised. You’ll find that you are not as bad as you thought, and, in some cases, not as good as you make yourself out to be.


Traditional Rubber bridge scoring.

Chicago Bridge

Standard 4 hand Chicago, with optional Cavendish rules.

The ultimate ‘solo’ Bridge app

The Breva Bridge Software

A Bridge Artificial Intelligence, developed and perfected for over 30 years by Breva Bridge

Breva Bridge have been associated with Bridge apps for over thirty years. Starting with P-Plus Bridge, which was developed for the (now deceased) Psion computer, and for the past 10+ years with the internationally acclaimed iBridgePlus for iOS devices. The software has had accolades from the press on numerous occasions, citing it as being the best in comparison tests with other Bridge software.

Even more satisfying than the press, are the rave reviews our apps have had from users from both ends of the Bridge spectrum. Beginners love it for the simplicity of navigation to the help and assist features the app offers. The expert players appreciate the quality and strength of the Bridge logic, and the fact the AI challenges them to the limits of their ability.

22 Bidding systems … and more!

The app supports all the major bidding systems, and also enables users to tailor-make systems to fit like a glove!

The app supports all the main categories of bidding systems, and all the major variations on these basic systems.

Additionally you can tweak and change the existing systems to bring in (or take out) conventions until you reach your ideal system.

You can create as many bespoke systems as you wish, and experiment with them at leisure, in the peace and quiet of your own surroundings, before exposing them to your Bridge friends.

Unique and invaluable
The BridgeAce Memory Joggers

There’s no getting around it; Bridge is a complicated game to learn and master. As well as learning and understanding the rules, the bidding systems, and the tactics, a player has to train themselves to memorise the played cards, and who played, which card, when. It’s not easy when you’re learning, nor does it get any easier when old-father-time starts to take his toll on the grey matter!

BridgeAce has a way to help you, with the unique Memory Joggers function.

Imagine this hand. You are playing in 1NT, and it’s trick 5, and you can’t remember how many spades have gone. It’s easy …
Select the Memory Jogger button.

Memory Jogger Function

This side menu will appear, and then you can select ‘Missing cards’ …

Card Play


Will show you that so far, West has shown up with 9 points, and east has shown 30.



Shows the Jack of Spades is still out.




Shows that there are still 4 Spades 'Out'.


Card Play


Will show you that so far, West has shown up with 9 points, and east has shown 30.



Shows the Jack of Spades is still out.




Shows that there are still 4 Spades 'Out'.


Is it possible to play a meaningful game of Duplicate bridge on a ‘solo’ app? – it most certainly is!!

It’s all well and good playing leisurely Bridge on an app. But do you really take it seriously? – most probably not. Do you skip the ‘bland’ hands? – most of us do. And do you have any real idea as to how well you are doing? – the only realistic way is to measure yourself against your peers.

This is exactly why we offer the BridgeAce Duplicate competitions. Each competition is limited to eight players, who will all be given the same set of hands to play on their devices, in the same time frame. When the final set of results are received by our server, we compute the results and publish them to the participants.

You’re still playing on your own, but ‘competing’ against real people in real time
See and compare how other players bid and played the hands
Over a period of time, we will ‘rank’ you given your historical performance in Duplicate.

One thing is for sure. Most players will see that they are not as bad as they thought they were, and some players will come to realise that they are not as good as they thought!!!

Lengthy FREE TRIAL period, and reasonable, flexible costs thereafter

Absolutely NO UPFRONT CHARGES, download the app for FREE, and enjoy FIVE FULL DAYS* All features of the app are available to you, so you can experience the app to the full without spending a dime, penny, or even a kopek.

Once you are satisfied that this is, indeed, the best Bridge software, then you have two options:

  1. For the casual player, buy batches of 25 hands (only 0.99c).
  2. Alternatively pay for a timed subscription (from as low as $3.75c a month).

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